Meet Our Staff

Chris Saunders

Title: Owner / President / Chief Executive Officer

bio:   Chris Saunders is the Owner and Founder of Sub 4 Development Company. Chris is involved in all aspects of Sub 4’s strategic growth plan,…

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Mark Czys

Title: Chief Investment Officer

bio:   Mark is CPA and the Chief Investment Officer of  Sub4 Development Company where he oversees all aspect of the businesses including investment…

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Bob Schimmel

Title: Chief Financial Officer

bio: Bob is the Chief Financial Officer at Sub4 Development. Since joining Sub4, he has been involved in the acquisition, development and restructuring of…

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Title: Chief Acquisitions Officer

phone: (217) 493-3776

bio: Shannon Collins focuses on all aspects of Sales and Acquisitions.  She works directly to build and maintain client and broker relationships and to…

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Title: Head of Capital Markets