Meet our Staff

Our Staff

Chris Saunders

Title: Chief Executive Officer/Owner

bio:   Chris Saunders is the Owner and Founder of Sub 4 Development Company. Chris is involved in all aspects of Sub 4’s strategic growth plan,…

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Josh Stroot

Title: Chief Operating Officer


bio: Josh started with Sub4 Development as a Project Manager in 2016.  Since then the company has grown from 3 employees to over 15 as he took over as…

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Mark Czys

Title: Chief Investment Officer

bio:   Mark is CPA and the Chief Operating Officer of Green Street Realty and Sub4 Development Company where he oversees all aspect of the businesses…

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Bob Schimmel

Title: Chief Financial Officer

bio: Bob is in charge of Financing at Sub4 Development. Since joining Sub4, he has been involved in the acquisition, development and restructuring of over…

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Title: Chief Acquisitions Officer

phone: (217) 493-3776

bio: Shannon Collins focuses on all aspects of Sales and Acquisitions.  She works directly to build and maintain client and broker relationships and to…

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Becca Stroot

Title: Contract Administrator


phone: (480) 640-2434

bio: Becca joined Sub 4 Development as their Contract Administrator in 2017.  Becca helps coordinate the funding, contracting and financials on every…

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Chris Dobrovolny

Title: Director of Pre-Construction


phone: (217) 714-2987

bio: Chris is the Director of Pre-construction for Sub 4 Development.  He oversees each project in the design phase, working closely with architects,…

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David Shawl

Title: Estimator


phone: (719) 505-6975

bio: David joined Sub4 Development as an Estimator in April of 2022. Prior to joining Sub4 he owned and operated a successful Fence & Concrete company…

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Jim Hakke

Title: Director of Purchasing

bio: Jim started his career with Sub4 in March of 2018 as the director of purchasing. He works closely with the project managers on procuring materials for…

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Jason Sellers

Title: Lead Superintendent

bio: Jason joined Sub4 Development in March of 2019 as a superintendent. From 2019 to present Jason has overseen 5 multifamily projects from start to finish.…

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Brian Dodd

Title: Project Manager - Illinois

bio: Brian is a Project Manager who started his career with Sub4 Development and Green Street Realty in 2015.  He has been a part of over $100M in new…

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Heath Lamb

Title: Superintendent - Illinois

bio: Heath Lamb joined Sub4 in 2020 after spending 20 years in the construction and renovation industry. Since joining Sub4, Heath has managed several major…

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Andy Karl

Title: Colorado Construction Director

bio: Andy joined Sub4 Development in June 2022 as the Colorado Director of Construction. He brings 22 years of project management and operations experience.…

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Title: Project Manager - Colorado

bio: Asia is a Project Manager for Sub4 Development Company. She is currently managing Sub4’s multi-family residential projects in Colorado Springs.…

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Title: Project Engineer - Colorado

Title: Superintendent - Colorado


Title: Superintendent - Colorado

bio: Cory joined Sub4 Development as a Superintendent in the Colorado region in 2021. As a superintendent, Cory is the lead person in the field responsible…

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Connor Walsh

Title: Project Manager - Arizona

bio: Connor is a Project Manager for Sub4 based out of the Arizona office. He started his career with Sub4 in 2017 as a Project Engineer. In 4 years with Sub4,…

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Title: Project Engineer - Arizona

John Buss

Title: Superintendent - Arizona

bio: John joined Sub4 Development as a Superintendent in January of 2021 based out of the Phoenix office.   Prior to joining Sub4, John served in the…

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Robert Stephens

Title: Superintendent - Arizona

bio: Robert Stephens joined the Phoenix region of Sub4 Development as an Assistant Superintendent in 2021.   Robert began working in sales and logistics…

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Laura Poradzisz

Title: Procurement & Logistics Coordinator

bio: Laura was added to the Sub4 team in February of 2019 to assist in the purchasing and scheduling of building material. She works closely with our purchasing…

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Title: Project Engineer